Friday, March 18, 2011

upcoming stamps

click on the link to the garden of love stamps

they are coming out may 19.

i just tried to upload the image and i think it worked. does this count as a blog post? or do i have to post an envelope? who is in charge? who sets the rules? i'll see if anyone comments. if nobody complains, i'll let this be the post today. if there are any complaints, i'll find something to post.


  1. this just in..there is a new stamp coming....voyageurs national park. very pretty. you can see it at the click on buy stamps, then on stamps, then on view all, and it is at the end, will be issued april 11, it is 80-cents, for over seas letters. and there are a couple comments on yesterday's post.

  2. I would be happy to chime in here: I think this counts as a perfectly legitimate blog post. And it's my opinion that since mail art is a collaborative effort, everyone gets to help make the rules, and we make them up as we go along, without excessive worry about whether or not our past decisions were legitimate. And I don't see any reason why we couldn't also complain a little if it becomes necessary for the survival of the blogs, mail art, and everyone who enjoys them.

  3. and for anyone who follows the comments...jackie sent me some beautiful scans today...that i could post...but...i don't have time, so complain away...but, then check back, because there is big news about something i mailed in 2002 that is going to be published.

  4. Don't fret about rules on your blog... the only rules are the ones you decide work for you! I loved what you posted! I found your blog through Jane Farr's... very glad I did... lovely work and fun to look through. Thank you!

  5. Yeah, what she said. This blog is fun, and if the postal service is worried about all the free advertising of their stamps that goes on here, or the way we address our envelopes, then they don't deserve our talents!