Saturday, March 12, 2011

my mail from carol

carol dubosch sent this envelope to thank me for posting the blog. thanks carol. nothing like fan mail to keep me going. and the post office thought your envelope was so pretty, they did not want to mess it up with a cancellation. i have some other mail, sent by fans that i have been meaning to post...but it is hiding from me. i'm going to be better about scanning and posting mail on the day it arrives.
very nice use of stamps.


  1. Hello Jean.-
    What writing tool was used here?
    When I compare this envelope with the one on the March 9th post, they look very similar. Was there a second stroke used to highlight the letters in both cases? Thanks & Happy Spring Break!

  2. hi...the march 9th tool was a zig marker that was just starting to get dry and i wrote really fast and with a light touch. this one looks like it was done with some kind of white ink or paint and a flat brush. maybe carol will see this question and tell us what she used.

    the fluid looks like dr.martin's pro white or something like that. or maybe white gouache. a lot of people like to write in white with something that is really opaque. the inks tend to be thin.

    ziller ink is acrylic and pretty opaque, and witll not smear. this envelope looks like it has a very light smear through the wilson, which is why i think it might be a water based medium.

    it also looks like it was done with a very high quality brush. windsor newton makes some beautiful flat brushes that make dreamy marks on paper.

    there are paint markers, but i doubt this is done with a paint marker. if carol doesn't see this question and respond, i will try to contact her and find out exactly what it is, but this is my best guess for now.

  3. Hi Jean...Great guessing girl! I used a tiny 1/4" flat brush and Dr. Martin's White paint (which is a bit more opaque than Permanent White gouache).

  4. thanks carol....and thanks again for the envelope :-)