Friday, March 25, 2011


last week i had a job addressing these purple shimmer envelopes using a silver gel pen. the old pens were nice the new ones are too fat. luckily, i found an old one that got me through the entire job and it ran out on the very last envelope. so, that was lucky. this envelope had a big blobby defect in the paper. i covered it up with a scribble blob. then proceeded to write kathy's name under it and then doodles. then it sat around for a day or two. then i went to the stamp store and bought some vintage stamps. this one seemed to go. but after i put it on, it really bothered me, because the amish people who made that quilt would not like the shimmer paper. so then, i had to figure out something to do with it and decided to show how you can make an envelope with a cut-off section if you have to add some cents, but you do not have time to color-coordinate. so...all in all, it gets a D- in design. it's just awful. to make up for the ugliness...i returned one of my most favorite envelopes that i have done for kathy. she returned all her mail from me so i could scan it and i had the nutty idea to return all her mail, one at a time. i sincerely hope that i am inspired to make envelopes that are prettier than this one.

and now that i look at it on the screen, maybe i should have scribbled a square, on the diagonal, over the round scribbles, to reinforce the center pattern in the quilt.


  1. Jean,
    Your envelopes are lovely and perhaps this one will simply serve as educational experience... forgive yourself, girlfriend! None of us would be so hard on your talents as you are!! Take care and keep up the good fight to make beautiful letters and keep snail mail fun!

  2. i'm just being honest. i'm pretty vocal about the ones that do please me....and, yes, i do post the clunkers for educational reasons. thanks for posting :-)