Sunday, March 6, 2011

my mail

nancy from oregon sent me some stamps. thanks nancy. your brush lettering is beautiful. i really like that J. also, very good use of neutral colors. and your shadows are just the right amount. very nice the way the lettering is in a block. and the pawprints are adorable.

and the frosting on the cake...nancy sent me some vintage stamps. some i have never seen. so...i will be inspired to do some fun soon as i finish the jobs on my desk. 240 doubles, 40 more silver on purples, 80 casual singles, and most important of all...the invitations to my daughter's wedding. a year in the planning...i could have had them done a month ago, but no, here i am down to the wire and juggling my own job with all the others. i spent a year telling myself i would not let this happen. i have all the lettering done, i just have to make the inner envelopes. i am making them out of onion skin...because i happened to find a stack of 100 sheets in my piles of paper and it seemed like a fun way to use them up. i only have 60 left to make.

then i have to decide which stamps to use. i have a variety of stamps...and yes, i will be posting all the wedding stationery after it has all gone out.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments Jean. Calligraphers are lucky in Oregon as we have a fellow who sells us old stamps at face value for postage. He is a stamp dealer and comes to calligraphy classes once a year and brings "postage" for envelopes/projects... it is great fun and he knows just the type of stamps calligraphers like. I have an embarrassing collection of old stamps. I will likely be sending you more as I appreciate checking your artwork each day! Thank you for all your hard work!

    Nancy Grossenbacher

  2. we could take an inventory and see who has the largest collection. should it be by the number of stamps or the *value*??
    i love how everything is going to be *forever* from now on. that will make it so much easier.
    thanks again...