Saturday, March 26, 2011

dead letters

this is a scan of an envelope that i made back in 02, although i would have thought it was earlier than that. my husband followed the grateful dead and after jerry garcia died, there was a group called *the other ones* made up of the non-jerry members of the band. when you wanted tickets to one of their shows, you had to mail in a request and hope that you were chosen to receive tickets. i suppose everything is done on the internet now. but, in 2002, i guess deadheads were still using the postal system. i figured that the pretty envelopes would get picked. so, i made this one. there is going to be a book published with 300 envelopes that were decorated and mailed in. somebody kept all that mail. if there are any dead heads out there, let me know and i let you know when the book is published. i'll be curious to see the other art. it's probably not pointed pen work.


  1. grateful dead artwork often has sculls wearing crowns of roses. teddy bears also appear in their artwork, which is why the teddy bear stamp was used. it does seem out of place. the g.d. teddy bears are usually dancing.i wonder if jerry garcia will ever be featured on a stamp. i wonder if the deadheads know that they could/should start a campaign to nominate him to be on a stamp.

  2. Thanks for the explanation Jean... I was wondering about the Teddy Bear!!

    Nancy Grossenbacher

  3. My husband, also a former Deadhead who still listens to the Dead when I'm not in the room to complain about it, informed me that the iconic dancing teddy bears are an homage to Owsley "Bear" Stanley, soundman for the Dead. Bear Stanley died in a car crash on March 13 of this year.

  4. i'm not sure you can be a *former deadhead.*
    maybe a *late deadhead*...but not former. :-)
    can't wait to hear the music they play when we are in the nursing homes...

  5. Well, that's probably true. Maybe Just Plain Deadhead, Forever Deadhead, Middle-Aged Deadhead, or Elderly Deadhead. And our husbands will create fun Deadhead activities so everyone, even the hearing impaired, can enjoy their music as much as I do.