Saturday, March 12, 2011

question for carol

carol, if you are checking the blog, there is a question about your envelope that i posted earlier today. if you don't mind telling trade secrets, what medium and tool did you use on the black envelope. i made a guess. (sorry about the typo. i can't figure out how to edit comments after they are posted.

and here is a pretty cute article about a lady who kept getting the same birthday card from queen elizabeth.

and below is some hand lettering that is fun. this is a test to see if i can post from this computer. i need to find out who did this lettering. and give the link to their site. i realized that i see many wonderful things and need to figure out a way to link to them if they look like something fun for an envelope. i think this would be a spectacular envelope. i'd be sure to put two stamps on it, since it would take extra time to find the address.

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  1. Maybe I can talk you through how to edit your posts, Jean. E me.