Saturday, December 18, 2010

same old same old

this was from the pointed pen vinework phase. not too long ago there was one to jackie that looked a lot like this one. i think on jackie's, i had the clock stamps and did not like the colors with the ink color. on this one, i am happier with the colors. i have not seen these ivory envelopes in a while. i used to get them at officemax. they were about $5 for a box of 100. always good to have a big box of cheap envelopes for experimenting. although, in some ways, i regret that some of my best work is on really cheap paper. jackie's envelopes to me are often on really nice artist grade paper. her envelopes will be so much more valuable some day. she wins quality. i win quantity. although, it probably isn't a competition. or is it?
jackie-jean war. who can create the most valuable envelope? are they going to be more valuable if they stay all together? would somebody like to research the ray johnson envelopes and report back? he is the father of modern mail art. the movie *how to draw a bunny* available on netflix tells all about him.

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  1. I took a workshop some years ago with an instructor who suggested we always practice on the *good stuff,* and it seemed like sensible advice, given the unpredictable nature of my preferred mode of working. I wonder if, in the age of computer scans, it will make much of a difference what paper we used? Maybe the work that will be most lasting will be the stuff that made it to the scanner.