Thursday, December 2, 2010

odds and ends

i only posted the bottom one because i like the idea of one big letter. that one should have had one of the film strip stamps, but i must have run out of them. those stamps were very black and white, so they would have looked dreadful on the ivory envelope.

the top one is a fun way to letter. square off the letters and then outline with a metallic gel pen. there is no exemplar for this kind of writing, you just have to make up the letters as you go along. and add some dots. i guess that odd top stroke on the first E was inspired by the headgear on the Flash.


  1. your envelopes are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    will the postmaster actually take
    envelopes with art on them?

  2. Yes. Many postal workers enjoy the art. A few of them do not. But, as long as the address is legible, the envelopes are delivered. Scanners can *read* the mail that is addressed by machines. Anything that the scanners can't read are sent off to humans, who read the address and translate it into that bar code along the bottom. So artful mail may take an extra day to go through the process of being read by humans.

    Thanks for your comment.