Thursday, December 16, 2010


i do not have a photo of this. wish i did. yesterday, while driving around on errands, and stopped at a stop light, i was thinking that i wished i could be getting something done while just sitting there. i happened to have some envelopes that needed stamps and to be sealed. so, i started sealing envelopes in the car. it was easy to do with one hand, so i just kept doing it after i started driving again. i really hope somebody saw me sending *real mail* while driving instead of texting while driving. by the time i had arrived at my destination (the p.o.), the envelopes were done. and i was able to get in line just ahead of a rush at the p.o. so it was an efficient day at my regular job.

i wonder if it would make national news if i caused a horrible accident with my snail-mailing while driving. we will never find out, because i vow i will never do it again. it was just a reckless impulse...


  1. please do not do it again...
    lest your face is added to those dated Dec 10

  2. i's on the list of things done only once...