Friday, December 24, 2010

keith's scribble / jean's poem

below is a leftover partial card that i did one year for keith. i scribbled large sheets of paper, cut them down, added small lettering. it would be fun to scribble a bunch of envelopes. i also sprayed them with glitter. they were sent the year that we had some nice snowflake stamps.

also below...for christmas is a reprint of a poem that i wrote one year and made fairly complicated little booklet cards. too bad i have not had time to draw stick figures to go with the story. i still like the story. the only explanation it needs is why i fell off a step into my living room. it is because there is one step down into our *sunken* living room. it's not really sunken. more like dippy, but i digress. and, yes, i often sleep in my shoes because i fall asleep before going to bed and nobody wakes me up to tell me to go to bed.


T'was the night before something, towards the end of the year,
I was stressed to the max, meltdown seemed near.
The stockings were hung by the chimney to dry.
The dryer was busted; I didn't know why.

The kids had been threatened to stay in their beds.
It was probably weird, what danced in their heads.
With George in his jammies and me in my shoes
I'd just settled down for my long nightly snooze.

When out on my desk there arose such a noise,
I jumped out of bed thinking, “It must be those boys!”
Away to the living room I trudged like a schlep,
Tore down the hallway, and fell off the step.

The light from the street gave a bit of a glow,
To the piles on my desk that do seem to grow.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
My favorite postman; he's really a dear.

He was dressed all in blue, his usual clothes,
Looking very official right down to his toes.
He spoke not a word, turned on all the lamps,
Went straight to work, finding all of my stamps.

I'd signed up to do the guild card exchange,
But my cards were unfinished, my life was deranged.
The ideas were no problem, they flew out of my head,
There was something else I was facing with the dread.

The stamps I had cherished over the years,
Would soon be inadequate, the worst of my fears.
Dave gave me a wink, and grabbed every card,
Stuffed them and stamped them on his way to the yard.

My stamps were all leaving, and not by my choice.
There was a tear in my eye and a crack in my voice.
He hollered at me as he drove out of the 'hood,
“The new stamps are coming, they'll be just as good.”

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  1. that card, that fantastic card, hung from the ceiling over my desk in iowa and here too.

  2. there must have been more to it. does it have a belly band? all i have left is the card part and keith never sent just plain cards.

  3. Oh yes there was a translucent belly band and the envelope was black.
    One thing with the scans is that the soft glitter does not quite come through...
    I hung it from the ceiling using a long black cord with a weak alligator clip on one end...the card gently turns.
    Displaying cards and envelopes is always always want to see them, but the inconvenient album protects the art.