Monday, December 6, 2010

jackie - unsent

after years of outlining, one day i had the idea to draw a line through the middle. in fonts, this is called an *inline.* so, it is not exactly an original idea. i guess i kept this one to help remember how i did it the first time. often times, when experimenting, i do things that i like and then have trouble replicating the technique. this one is opened, so i can see what i had to say. the one posted yesterday is unopened. i feel like tom hanks with the fed ex package that he held onto while stranded on the dessert that movie *stranded*??? i can't remember the name. anyhow...should i open it...or not?....


  1. This reminds me that I should rent the movie - isn't it called Cast Away? I keep meaning to watch it, but it always slips my mind. Regarding the unopened envelope - Just Open It. I'll go find mine from you that I haven't opened yet - who knows why I didn't in the first place, but once I started not opening it, it became increasingly difficult to stop. Today's envelope is so wonderful - I have seen the original of this one, and it is even lovelier than the screen version. And those extensions of the inline - beautiful!

  2. okay, this is one of my faves, love it.