Sunday, December 5, 2010

my address

yesterday, blog follower, EG, said that he was thinking about sending me some mail, but was not sure what my address is. i said it was plastered all over the blog, but he seems to think that some of my addresses are fake. so, anyone who wants to send me some mail, be assured that it will reach me at:
430 44th street
des moines, iowa 50312

i know some people hesitate to post their street address on a blog. i figure that if some serial killer, who is out to eliminate mail artists, finds me and offs me, it will just make all my envelopes more valuable and that would please my family to no end. currently, i am not worth much.  i suppose i should decide who i want to play me in the film that will undoubtedly be made after the mail-art-murder incident. dustin hoffman is the first actor that comes to mind. he did such a good job as tootsie, and while i am not tootsie-esque, i think he could capture the essence of jean. steven wright would also be a good choice. or maybe whoopie goldberg. she would capture the sassy-ness. ok, it needs to be like that movie about bob dylan where there were several people who portrayed him...and not all of the same gender.


  1. ok...if you click on the label *my mail* there are 25 envelopes that all have the same address.

  2. hahaha Jean u r so funny :D