Monday, August 6, 2018

Shimmery Dilemma - Nice Stamps

The first dilemma is how to spell dilemma. It took forever to find it. Why have all the machines switched to a system where they auto-correct - but they only put in completely wrong words that are sometimes embarrassing - but when you need a spelling - it just sits there.

I like the idea of lots of different styles - but the only thing that sticks to the shimmer envelopes is Sharpie - so - these are a bit lame. I made up for the bad lettering by using some of the all time favorite stamps.

I forgot to shoot them at home -so- here they are on the seat of the car before they get tossed into the mail box.

Dilemma - those shimmery envelopes. Will I ever figure out something that I love that works on them? Is it time to have a bonfire?

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