Thursday, August 2, 2018

Black Creature Stamps from Three Exchangers

Miss Cathy sent the envelope above and the greeting below.

I love the placement of the exclamation points. The sparkle detail is really nice - not sure it will show up in the scans.

Smash-girl did this one - the little white dots on the creature inspired the little dots on the lettering. Perfect.

Yay, Finnbadger! You know I love seeing your by-hand work. 
It was wildly exciting to get three different stamps from the Bioluminescent Life stamp series. It made me want to have an exchange where we all use the same stamp. I might put that into the September exchange as an option. It would be really easy for all of us to have the same stamps. All you have to do is order them on They do charge for shipping - I think it is $1.50. But - it's so convenient to have stamps show up at your door - without having to schlepp to the PO.

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  1. Haha. I love these stamps, and wanted to do something fun to go with them. I am sorry to admit that your design was first, so a bit rough on your circles. This was after I wasn't super happy with my attempt at a jellyfish on one I sent to Eva. And of course the ones with beautiful calligraphy in colors to match the stamps are stunning.