Friday, February 7, 2014

ooops repeat

a couple days ago, i used up the sticky grid on the modern art in america stamps. this is the backing of the sticky paper, folded into an envelope. it will go to finnbadger. i need to figure out a nice drippy orange paint so that the pitcher is pouring his name. model airplane paint would work and i have some. i just don't like to mess with it because you need to clean the brush with thinner. maybe i can think of a way to write with a toothpick so i can just throw the toothpick out. necessity is the mother of invention. so is laziness.


  1. this is jean writing this comment. i set up a bunch of posts because i am out of town. and i meant to replace this one, but forgot. and i don't know how to edit the scheduling without a we will be back to new stuff...i think.

  2. That's OK, hope you are having fun!