Monday, February 24, 2014

from tim texas

tim texas must have checked the blog on the day i was showing the blooper address on finnbadger's envelope. so rather than read the post, he just copied it off...and i suppose today, finnbadger is sitting there working on an envelope and he's thinking "gee, i wonder if it is 420 or 440? i don't want to mess up...again," and then he flips to the blog and he sees this one...and does another 440. and 420 is such a popular number...sometimes i sound like i am suffering with 420...but, i am not. it's something else. maybe i should disclose what it is. decisions. decisions. any guesses? OK, i'll tell you. it's coffee.


  1. and i found out yesterday that dave, my postman for the past 20 years retired. so, i missed saying g'bye. he was the person who made sure all the wild mail reached me. i hope the new person will enjoy the mail they deliver to 420. i might have to send a few envelopes to myself with big *HI to my letter carrier.*

  2. Sorry for the mail address 'chaos' - although the good news is that the mail was delivered to the correct address anyway.

    I am waiting for a parcel (bought stamps from the USPS online store), currently it has been in 3 different states! Maybe it will make it to Ohio this week.

    I like Tim's envelope - has a great look to it with the different colors of scrabble tiles.

  3. Interesting how two people can look at the same picture and pick up on different things.

    Jean looked at it and saw that I had gotten the house number wrong.

    When I looked at it I saw that there was a hand correction on it for the address and zip code (something you will rarely see in today’s highly automated post office). It is also missing the postnet / IMB barcode (meaning that it skipped a step somewhere during the process), and it was hand canceled (the pen mark on the stamp) by the postal carrier.

    I did a quick check of the 440 house number in the USPS database and they don’t show 440 as being a deliverable address, so we are lucky it got delivered at all.

    I have a question, did the post office place an orange barcode on the back of the envelope?