Tuesday, February 18, 2014

from finnbadger - dots

this is the full envelope. i posted just the 440 part a while back. it is a paper sack. he used scotch tape to close the end, which is OK. i should probably send him a roll of double face tape. i think he would really like it.

the way he figured out how to use the dots for, the dot in wilson, the ) in 440 (which should have been 420) and the o in moines and the o in iowa is *jean-ius*

grasshopper is UH-MAZE-ING
why am i talking like a teenager?


  1. I am impressed with the PO on this one - someone hand-stamped it to add one more circle to the envelope. Reminds me of the very first one (envelope 100) that has a very nice hand-stamp on it.

    I sealed the ends like that because I was worried about it getting torn up in the sorting machines - although it looks like it don't go through one? No IM barcode, at least.

    I had a lot of fun planning this one. I created the LS, ES and ST ligatures so that the O in Wilson looked better.

  2. and there is a typo. i have an ) where it should say 0. (this is jean on borrowed laptop with touch pad. i am only mouse-literate) also snowbound, 1,000 miles from home. but i have electricity and internet, and the blog posts are scheduled for another 2 weeks.