Wednesday, February 26, 2014

from smash - bleach

isn't this scrumptious?
i'm 99% sure she wrote in bleach on black paper. i love writing in bleach, but don't do it very often.
so perfect with this stamp.
this is certainly in my top ten favorites from smashgirl.
thank you!!


  1. I think the HP stamps are hard to match with mail art - and here Smash comes up with the perfect accompaniment. In fact, the envelope makes the stamp look a million times better than it does on its own. And now that I've seen the perfect match for Malfoy, I doubt I'll be using him except maybe to pay the gas bill.

  2. And looking at this again, it has an amazing 3D effect because the background writing and the address (and Malfoy) are at different angles. Love it.

  3. i agree...this stamp stumped me
    and smash found the perfect solution.
    so cool.

  4. This envelope goes to the top of the list. Great style.