Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this just in

i have another part of this one to post. a couple weeks ago, i received a thin sheet of paper in the mail. it had a beautiful name and address. i found out that it had been glued to an envelope, but, had become detached in the mail, so the envelope and contents went back to the sender and i received the beautiful piece of paper, which i have been meaning to scan and post...or maybe i did and forgot...either way, it was beautiful and there is a longer story that goes with it.

and then....yesterday, i was commenting online back and forth with the artist...who mentioned that she had resent the envelope that was returned to her. i had been too sick to even go to the studio, so i was not aware that it had arrived. this morning, i called my mom to tell her i was recuperated enough to come to the studio. she said..."Oh, you have the most beautiful piece of mail that I have ever seen. It came on Saturday and I just wanted to stare at it all day."

i wish you all could see it in real life. it is gorgeous. and the best part is, i can take a little credit for the artist being so good. she took a couple of my zany lettering workshops and she picked up just the right amount of zippadeedoodah to make her very highly trained traditional lettering into something that is splendid.

i have vowed to not lapse into personal stuff...but the part about calling my mom to say i was coming to the studio might have not made sense....the reason my mom is getting my studio mail is because she lives in a duplex and my studio is the other half of the duplex. so, she brings in the mail when i am not there.

and back to the artist surpassing her teacher. i believe that her work makes me into a zen master, because only the zen masters are good enough to create students who are better than themselves. this is probably a little like fractured fairy tales. fractured logic, perhaps? anyhow...i'm just thrilled to get mail like this.

this blog is about inspiration...so, i hope this inspires people to outline and decorate...always a fun way to approach lettering.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! It would be great to get an envelope like that. I really like the lettering in the address, I something like it on a blueprint from the 20's several years ago. Chuck

  2. okay, I am INSPIRED....may have to use this to address some Valentines to friends.... thank you so much for posting this!! LOVE it.

  3. Will the artist let you reveal his or her identity?