Friday, February 11, 2011

nancy hills' pansey envelope

here is the rest of the story that i mentioned a couple days ago when i posted that wonderful envelope from nancy hills. the pansy artwork arrived in the mail. it is lovely, and it is just a thin piece of paper. i couldn't figure out why nancy would send me a piece of paper. it seemed pretty fragile. but it arrived with only one bent corner. a couple days later, she emailed that she had sent me an envelope that had a piece of paper glued to the front, but it must have fallen off, because she received the blank envelope, returned. her return address was on the back. so she slipped it in another envelope, and created that beautiful celebrate stamped artwork that has had so many people drooling.

what a happy (for me) accident that the original address fell off. and how interesting that having to redo an envelope inspired her to do something even more fabulous. although these pansies are really nice. and that versal is exquisite.

the versal inspired me to rip off the general idea for a set of invitations. yes, i invite myself to all the events that i address for...whether i am on the list or not.
have i mentioned the roommate that my daughter had in college who commented one day...gee ellen, you sure do get invited to a lot of weddings. she assumed that the wedding styled envelopes that i sent to ellen were actually wedding invitations. can see that my version is very quick and gestural. at first i thought mine looked like really blah scribbling, but they sort of grew on me. some of the others have better details. the paper is that ribbed stuff, so it was not that easy to write on and the scan is a little washed out. hard to pick up subtle colors sometimes.

there is a bit of a discussion over on the OP list about the ripping-off of ideas. i guess we are supposed to call it homage.

and your tiny writing, nancy....we want lessons. will you make us an exemplar, please and thank you. did you invent it?

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