Thursday, February 17, 2011

jackie - unsent

yes, one more that i never mailed to jackie. never intended to because it has that 18-cent stamp. i made about 3 of these. they were made with leftover scraps and trimmings off a custom invitation job...that has a fairly long story that goes with it...for another day. the green square is a cover and there is an accordion that unfolds with the message. i layered the pink strips and then covered up the confluence of pink strips with a yellow square.

it is in a vellum envelope and the address was written along the legs of the spider and the zip fit on the square. i should have repositioned the spider/card in the envelope when i scanned it. but, i like it this way, too.

happy birthday to the blog. i started it one year ago, today. it is also my son's birthday. that is the only way i would have ever remembered. of course, i can always scroll back and look at the first post. anyhow...happy envelopes to you all...

i pondered what to post on the birthday. this one jumped out at me because i sent a similar one to a friend and one day she told me that she always leaves it on the top of her desk, as it makes her happy. so, every time i see it, i am reminded that a simple piece of mail...even one that is just a pile of scraps...(literally...i just used what was on top of my desk)...can become a keepsake to someone else.


  1. Oh-oh Jean - this means that your blog reached "a stage of development in which toddler behavior is a particular challenge" []
    Happy birthday to the blog, the blogger, and her son.

  2. oh-oh, indeed. chaos is on the way...