Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new mail

the address will go below the line. joie took a lettering class from me. i needed to send her one more handout and was going to do it electronically, but her email bounced, so i am sending snail mail. i discovered that most of my ZIGs are drying up. big problem. not sure i can justify new markers. this might spell disaster for the blog. but, it would make my mom happy. she disapproves of how much time i spend blogging. i was thinking of posting her email address so you could flood her with your perspective on whether or not this blog is a good use of my time.

and joie, if you read this blog, email me :-) please
my email address is right over there under my mugshot.

1 comment:

  1. note to your mom, YES you should blog, it is great inspiration to others, and it is wonderful to know people still REALLY do send real mail! Yay for Jean Wilson and her blog.

    xx Rena