Thursday, February 24, 2011

copying nancy hills

a week or so ago i posted a pretty pansy stamped envelope by nancy hills. it was on my desk and i was trying to come up with something different for a shower invitation
and i had these pale pink envelopes. so i did my quick brush stroke version of nancy's gorgeous versals. at first, i thought mine were awful. but i dropped them in the mail. and now i think they are fine. but, i would not put them on display right next to nancy's :-)


  1. Wow! Question: the capital W is a 'quick versal', and the script? Spencerian?

  2. spencerian has a slant and it is a *running* hand, which means it has quite a bit of space between the letters. this is more upright and compact. spencerial caps are very large compared to the lower case letters, so the proportions look spencerian. i was copying nancy's penmanship, so we will have to ask her if it has a name. maybe it is Nancerian.

  3. she says it is a combination of her own handwriting and a monoline italic. i'll have to look at hers closer and see if i see any other clues.