Friday, October 1, 2010

oct invitation

i owe you a bonus scan from yesterday. this was a quick invitation i worked on this week. the envelopes was to a Betty G... and I messed up the G, so I made it into a sample, with a bad G... but you get the idea. the client used the kate hepburn stamps, black and white photo, which looked nice.

that's my little stick figure. stacey, at Pink Fine Stationery, here in des moines loves my stick figures. she has a and she does lots of fun custom invitations. we are currently working on the save-the-dates for my daughters wedding. i need to start a blog just for all the ideas we have that we will not get to use. the expectations are high for my daughters invitations. i think i have an idea that will be unexpected, fun and unique.


  1. Like it a lot! Stick figure - cute! Letter style - very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. you could start separate blogs on your ideas by subject...dear reader, the envelope art is just a taste of jean's imagination...i'd read those,too, every day...
    excellent witch with curly toes