Thursday, October 7, 2010

kathy 35

as i mentioned yesterday. fast is sometimes just fine. this is another one that would have been done in the middle of a series and it was when i was warmed up but had not yet dissolved into sloppy or bored.

i must insert the line from billy madison here. when the school lunch lady is serving sloppy joes, she says...and i know you kids like them sloppy. i think some of you blog followers probably like them sloppy, too, eh?

everybody has permission to get sloppy to see where it goes. then, when it has gone to far, stop. there is a good rilke quote about you never know how far you can go until you've gone a bit too far. although i think he mentions going right up to the edge, maybe not going overboard. at any rate, i think billy madison and rilke are kindred spirits. i'll probably do my thesis on that topic. note to self, get that university of the absurd up and running so that we can offer a PhD in penmanship.

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