Wednesday, October 27, 2010

favorite version of the state

love how they converted Iowa to I owe Ya. Demons is cute, too.


  1. Jean, I have just spent an INSANE amount of time on your AMAZING blog!! I am inspired and nearly crosseyed. I just wanted to say thank you for posting all of the funky,fun,quirky,beautiful,inspiring envelopes on your blog. I AM A HUGE FAN!!! can't wait for more!!!

    xx Rena in Wisconsin.

  2. welcome, rena. i still have boxes full of envelopes left to scan, so there should be one a day for at least another year or two. thanks for posting. and i hope you are inspired to send some envelopes, too.

  3. ohhh, do people send you envelopes, is that the idea? (silly me.. looking at the pictures) I just may have to send you one then!!! this is my favorite blog, I am so appreciative that you have done this!!

  4. you are welcome to send me an envelope, but what i meant was that i hoped you were inspired to send decorated envelopes to family or friends who you think would enjoy receiving some fun mail. most people have never seen a decorated envelope, much less received one.
    thanks for commenting.