Wednesday, October 6, 2010

kathy 34

adequate idea. poor execution. letters should have been more precise. perfed stamp edges should have been done more carefully. but, it's a decent idea.

yesterday, a guild newsletter came from one of the guilds who still sends our non-guild a newsletter. there was a really nice list of everything this one scribe had ever learned. one of her tips jumped out at me. she said that the people who teach never show their failures. well...i deserve the pulitzer prize for showing failures. maybe that's the pushiter prize. cuz...i show a lot of stuff that, excuse my french, stinks.

i think there might be some other teachers who show *old* stuff. i can't say that my bad stuff is the oldest. i go on a roller coaster. and a lot of it has to do with time. but, not always. some of the fast stuff is pretty good.


  1. and the letters clash with the stamp. at the very least, i could have fixed it with a layer of colored pencil.

  2. I think it's actually a great teaching tool to show your "failures" and really appreiate the posting of the less than perfect pieces. It's very freeing to know that even someone who turns out such masterworks of whimsy and precision can have an "off" moment too. I think it was Babe Ruth who held the world record of home runs and world record for strike outs at the same time. As Voltaire put it, Perfection is the enemy of excellence. ("Le mieux est l'ennmi du bien.") If he didn't swing until he got the perfect pitch, he would have had much fewer HRs. So, thank you for your sharing your artistry and your excellence with us - which is really more about a general commitment to beauty and to fun in the abstract, as a worthwhile process itself, and a patience and compassion with any unevenness in the "output".

  3. thank you so much for these thoughts, carrie. i might have to add the voltaire quote to the wall that already has the french writing.