Monday, October 4, 2010

kathy 31

i forgot all about this one. realizing that there were many letters of the alphabet in kathy's name, i wondered exactly how many and then did the remaining letters in blue. i wish i knew kathy's middle name. and i hope i remember to use this idea again. it's like a little neuland lesson on an envelope

also, hi to tami rondeau. she has all the vowels in her name which i think is cooler than heck.

and i like the way i didn't do the second E in schneider. maybe you did not even notice. another good reason to just cram the letters in to the space.


  1. well, you know the first name since it is so similar to ellen...the middle is kathleen...
    my favorite name is miriam
    my favorite word is shenandoah
    my favorite blog is this one

  2. hahahahahahah...i am soooooo...what???? of course i know your middle name. your first name does not have any additional letters from the list. yes it does...L

    glad you like the blog
    i found the envelope you sent that says it is the *worst envelope ever*
    do i have your permission to post it?

    and...does it seem like your set of envelopes is better than the others? i really think it is. not that it is a contest.

    i WISH i could get scans of all the others i have sent you, not just the *60*...
    how should we accomplish that?

  3. i think i know how to do that...i just need to connect my scanner...
    it just emerged from the moving box a couple of weeks ago
    of course my favorite envelopes are the ones with my is personal
    but i do love seeing those to keith again