Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wonky but I like it fraktur for Florence

This one is super wonky. But I like it. I like the way the stamp which is from an entirely different culture complements it. I like the two colors. I like the way I discovered that flOrence vOgel has two Os in her name. I will be doing more with that discovery if she signs up for the next exchange.

I keep thinking of filing all my envelopes by the name on the envelope so that I could compare all the different ways I have written each name. If I saw them side-by-side, I bet I would discover things that would be helpful going forward.

Some names give me fits. But if I went back and looked at every time I wrote a particular name, I might figure out what the problem is and how to proceed with more confidence.


  1. You keep coming up with great ideas that require a lot of time. :-) I like this idea. It would be interesting to compare the different envelopes for one name. You could set up Pinterest boards. I think you need an assistant.

  2. Yes. An assistant. That would be wonderful.
    I am accepting applications :-)
    Really - anyone with a lot of spare time could easily start a new Pinterest account and just sit and pin all the envelopes on the blog. I'm even tempted to do it myself....
    funny how I can go so enthusiastic about starting new projects vs finishing up half-baked projects.

    1. well, it is done.
      i only have 10 boards so far
      but, i will keep adding
      anyone who wants to help pin is welcome to contact me and i can put you to work pinning
      here is the link to the Pinterest collection of envelopes organized by first names

  3. get so enthusiastic - not go- typo above

  4. On the two Os in Florence's name... I usually think of her with a celebrity contracted name - FloVo.

    1. Me, too. She's always Flo..
      And my celebrity name is J-Wil.


      The Notorious PTE

      Finnbadger needs a different contraction - FinBad
      Sounds like Sinbad the sailor