Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More stamp purging

Three more. I don't show addresses, so had to stack these. I do show Phillip's because he has a blog and posts his address.

The bottom one, to Karen, is channeling my inner 3-year-old. Fun to do that once in a while.

The paper was left over from a project where I needed some antiqued paper. It was fun to have large sheets of paper to allow plenty of room for the stamps. I could decide what size to make the envelopes -AFTER- I chose the stamps. Ten times better than trying to find stamps to fit on a specific envelope after writing the name.

I did start the project of putting all the envelopes on a new set of Pinterest boards. They are organized by the name on the envelope. So all the Kathy's can go look at all the envelopes to anyone named Kathy. Or whatever your name is.

I pinned the March 2017 envelopes and then went back to the beginning in 2010 and started pinning. This is going to take a lot of time. I will be out of town for a couple weeks and will not be doing any pinning. I will post here when I get all of the envelopes pinned. We'll have a party.


  1. pinned party sounds fun...something to look forward to

  2. great idea-the pinterest boards! loving all these stamps too!