Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bonus Post - de la Renta stamps

I had seen the photo of Oscar several times - but I did not realize that there would be 10 other stamps in the series...
so pretty. I don't spend much time on pretty clothes, but I have always liked fabric.

I like the way there is a subtle checkerboard of 5 skirts and 5 close-ups of fabric. I bet it was fun coming up with the design of the page of stamps.

As much as I want to use these stamps on the exchange - they are screaming to me to keep them....very distressing to try to de-hoard and then just hoarding more.

Shoulda called this a mid-afternoon rant.


  1. I totally get where you are coming from: I bought five sheets from the post office, just to be sure. Each stamp will be judiciously used and the recipient should be warned at how special they are (JK - somewhat)

  2. Oh, wow. I feel like I might have been absent when those stamps debuted. I wondered why those hem lines and legs. Thanks for making me smarter. LOL. I can live without those. I can't afford a de la Renta dress, so I won't buy his stamps either.

    1. maybe you'll like some of the fashions on this board

  3. I guess I better mosey on over to the USPS website. I hadn't seen these stamps.
    I have a few styles of stamps that only have one stamp left in the booklet. I can't bring myself to use them. So I totally understand the "need" to treasure (hoard) these stamps.