Monday, March 6, 2017

Stealing from Carol

Here's an idea - when I like an idea that arrives in my mailbox, I steal it and return it to the person who sent the idea. Good idea or bad idea?

I like her stamp placement.
I filled up my rectangle with the address, so I will have to put a stamp in the upper right corner. Her stamp placement is better.

My variation on her theme was to make a rectangle that went off the right edge.

I do not live in Columbus, Ohio. This envelope ran a while back - with a note about the address. I believe the PO returned it to her...
which is strange - the street and zip should have gotten it to me.


  1. Definitely pinning this idea.
    I like the idea of you stealing an idea and sending an envelope back to the person.

  2. I love it and think you did it better! It was so fun to do wasn't it!