Sunday, January 27, 2013

memory lane

this is the very first envelope i posted on the blog. i was thinking of going back and editing the blog and reconfiguring it so that it is easier to search for specific examples.

i think i have to label this one, not-easy. i have a lot of styles that i love that are very easy. this one, i have no idea how i would teach someone to write this way. it is my best example of what you can do if you write one name 50 or 60 times.


  1. I really,really like this... It 's a perfect example of what, I think, we all strive for; spontaneity and freedom. It usually takes me 50 or 60 times also to get my spontaneity right! :-).

    Thanks for all of your efforts and work . It's how I start my day!

    Jack Moore

  2. hi jack:
    thank you for posting. i laughed out loud at your insight into
    50-60 times = spontaneity.

  3. It's as if the wind took hold and blew the lines in just the perfect spots! -Nancy