Tuesday, January 15, 2013

guest artist - carol dubosch

the 2008 theme for the graceful envelope was either *the letter C* or *color.* the two rainbow stamps fit together beautifully and it is genius how she chose to position them at just a slight angle and with the seam running north-south. soooooo pretty. it would not have looked right for the stamps to be parallel with the l. and it would not have looked right for them to be square with the baseline of the word.

i know carol wants to inspire people to enter the contest, but with examples like this....we might be making it look like it is a contest for only the very best calligraphers. while masterful calligraphy will catch the judges attention, they do choose envelopes done by beginners who have a very good idea.

check out the past winners and you will see what i mean....
or...click on the label *graceful envelope* and you will see several of my entries that were accepted and the lettering is nowhere near the skill level of carol's.


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