Wednesday, January 2, 2013

foreign guest artist - sitoshi kitamure

sitoshi kitamura

super stealworthy
but, you are going to need to know how to draw a little bit.
you could take a photograph and trace over it.
you can also take photos and plug them into the newest version of Word.
it has a feature where you can convert a photo to a line sketch
then you could print it out and color it in.
first you have to move into a brownstone.
no you don't
this would look just fine with any kind of house

actually, this is two envelopes
which is a second stealworthy idea.
make a set of envelopes that -when combined-
create a much larger picture


  1. I very much like this idea. Many times I have wondered if software could do this, however its always beautiful no matter which way you create this art. Yan Nascimbene is an illustrator who does childrens books - this guest artist brought his style to mind. The set of envelopes is brilliant. Very lovely art work and palette. Inspiring :)

  2. i have seen examples of art or photos, enlarged, printed on multiple sheets of paper (on a home printer) and then the pages are recombined to make a wall size image. so, i am sure someone with basic graphics programing skills could create a program to enlarge the sections of art or photo to an envelope sized grid. this is a great idea....and one worth pursuing.... we just need more spare time :-)