Friday, January 18, 2013

ellen - uncle sam

hmmmm...not much to say about this one. just hang in there...some better stuff is on the way.

i guess i could mention the S in wilson. i see a lot of bad S shapes. sometimes it works to just let it hang down below the line. trying to keep it all tucked in can make it too scrunched. the S is frequently an odd-ball letter. most letters are squarish (HTEFL) or they have some angles (MWNVXY) or they are roundish (OGQCD) but S has a whole back and forth thing going on and if the top and bottom have hooks or if the overall shape doesn't relate to any of the other letters, it can be unsightly. it is counter-intuitive to make it drop down like that, but i rather like it and i see it done by people who are ten-times better at lettering than i am. so there.

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