Sunday, September 16, 2012

EBW square dots

yup. dots can be square.
this name would be improved if some of the letters touched. maybe.
maybe not.
there is something wrong with the letters...
but i can't put my finger on it.
maybe someone will leave a comment ??


  1. first, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those letters, jean.
    second, i would like to point out that in my efforts to find a way around gmail, which i dislike, i have somehow managed to start a blog. since i am technologically apathetic and inept, i don't know how far i'll go with it. so far, i can't even download pictures on my blog, but at least now i can leave you a comment:-)

  2. okay, i managed to post 2 pics to my new blog, and i think i have already used up most of my free memory there, so i guess we all know about how long that blog will be, unless a) i can learn how to buy more memory, and then b) i can learn how to get around that problem. before i slip back into complete technological oblivion, i wanted to tell your followers about your article in the current issue of Bound & Lettered (10.1) - Go Green Envelopes, pp. 10 -12, & inside back cover, available at John Neal Booksellers. fantastic article jean - probably most of the ideas are already here - somewhere. . . but it is always fun to see your work in print, and i was delighted to be a featured name!! back to this envelope, i suppose you could vary it a little by dragging the filmstrip dots up and down a little - off the top and bottom of the E, but i still think it reads fine this way, too.

  3. leaving anonymous comments is disabled on your blog. but i can't figure out how to un-anon myself. i probably have to become a member of the blog-host, which i will do.

  4. oh, i certainly didn't mean to set it up that way - it's probably the default. my blog may become notable only for its brevity and the tiny pictures that i can't find a way to allow visitors to enlarge. i spent the whole day yesterday on how-to blog things, and am inclined to just give up entirely on my little experiment.

  5. it is perplexinging to see those tiny images and wish to see them larger...and be denied...

    i completely understand the frustration with all things technical. they plot against us.

  6. Jean, how do you make those letters? Do you draw the outlines first and then fill them in? I can figure out how to do the straight letters with a chisel tip but how do you get the lower-case "e" so perfect? :)

  7. yes, i do use a chisel tip and then i outline. outlining will cover up any imperfections in the curved strokes. also, i turn the envelope so that i am not writing the letters using penmanship, but i am drawing shapes. on a small *e* i might draw the cross bar first, to get the main width of the letter. then start at 12 o'clock and pull down to the 3 o'clock, then go back and pull from 12 to about 7. then turn the envelope and pull the last part of the curve. then smooth out all the letters with outlining. i usually outline every letter to make all the additional weight the same. i also look at a lot of fonts. imho, there is lot of difference between lettering and penmanship or calligraphy.

  8. Great! Thanks for the "tips" -- hee hee. I will give it a go. :)