Sunday, September 9, 2012

EBW pale blacketter

yesterday i didn't like the postmark position. this one is nice. i like the way the tilted box in the advertising portion of the cancel hits the stamp. looks like i planned it. i was actually centering the stamp over the name WILSON.

i hope my blackletter student is remembering to check the blog. we were talking about how to do this style and i could not find a good example. not that this is the finest lettering, but the idea of doing chunky blackletter in a delicate pastel is something i think works very nicely on envelopes.

using your guidelines as a design element is a fabulous idea. it is one started by people who wrote books for a living in a scriptorium. apparently they charged extra to draw guide lines, so their clients would like to have the guidelines left on the page to let everyone know that they paid extra for the straight lines. that is what i have heard. it may be an urban legend. or maybe there is a different name for urban legends from the middle ages.

that green is not the best color....  i probably did the envelope before i found a stamp. 

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