Saturday, September 8, 2012

EBW Houdini

i'm fine with the idea. if i were to do it over, i would make the rectangle the same proportion as the stamp. it is taller and skinnier which bothers me. but, i like the name being in a script and bursting out of the border. i am not big on matching every little detail.

then....the way the address is done in script. ugh-mo.
it should have been block lettering that looked more like the HOUDINI, only tiny.

the postmark is distracting, the way it hits the corner of the rectangle, but i like the venetian blind over harry's face. and the placement of the large rectangle is way off. it would have taken a lot of planning to get this one right. many of the envelopes to ellen were done in haste and with the knowledge that she would not be nit-picking at the design.

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