Saturday, August 25, 2012

to jeri

jeri and i were at a penmanship convention a couple weeks ago. we were sitting in the back of the class. jeri was paying attention. i wasn't. the teacher was from italy, so she had an accent and at one point said *quit with the dot* but it sounded like *qweet weeth thee dot* i didn't spell all the words the way they sounded. but, i am sure jeri will remember to qweet weeth thee dot.

that is a good tip. too often people just trail off. it is more interesting to have a precise stop. knowing you are going to add a dot helps you stop at a good place. this is a way picky tip. if it sounds ridiculous, just ignore it. but pay attention to work that you think is really nice and see if you can see how precise the starts and stops are.

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