Sunday, August 19, 2012


i attended the IAMPETH convention a couple weeks ago. this was the envelope that was in the goody bag they handed out at registration. one lady did all 220 envelope ( i believe she did ...someone leave a comment if i am giving marji too much credit)
anyhow, marji is a powerhouse and she does some very nice italics.
this looks like walnut ink.
very nice, marji. thanks for writing out all 220 names. i feel like such a slacker for only doing 135 for your guild (those were the ccc envelopes that i have been running since january and just finished  :-)
but, i had so much fun doing those that i was thinking of sending an envelope to the 220 people who attended the convention this year....except i only do fake addresses...decisions decisions. do i really want 220 more envelopes in my OWN collection.

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