Thursday, August 2, 2012

garden of love - 1 of 10

this is the first in a series of ten envelopes i did for 10 students in one of my classes. i did not get past writing their names in sage green and outlining in hunter green, because i was uninspired. *today, i saw that i needed to get some envelopes lined up for the blog and - voila - inspiration shot into my head.

i like this style of writing although the t-h-y in kathy has too many letters in a row that are the same height. i used the numbers for visual interest rather than draw more flowers. this is not the best of the group. might even be my least favorite.

*when i say [today] i am saying it a week ago when i saw that i only had about 7 posts lined up. i now have about 50 posts lined up and i even put in a *final* post at the end of the list of scheduled posts so that if i die in an accident or bonk my head and am in the hospital, you will know that the blog has come to an end. i did not want it to just end mysteriously without giving you some kind of explanation. i am counting on some of my followers who will probably hear about what has happened to me to post comments in the comment section so that you can learn the specific details, if you are interested. however, i would encourage you to be more interested in other things. like ...what's for supper?

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