Monday, August 6, 2012

garden of love - 4 of 10

one of the new ideas i had when i finally got around to finishing this series was to use the style of writing of the word *love* that is on the stamp, for the address. mine is not quite as loose, but, i like the contrast of the script with the elongated block letters. looks like i forgot the second *i* in alicia and had to tuck it in. i never would have made it that tight if i had written the name correctly to begin with.

here is something to note. with the two ascenders on l and d...they look better fanning out than they would if they were tilting towards each other. i do not think about these things when i am writing, but, after they happen, i can see that i like them better.

tilting open looks happier than tilting together. i probably do not have to think about these things now, but when i first started, i was always careful to make a couple practice names in pencil on a scrap of paper so that i knew what the overall shape of the name would be. now, i automatically *fan* out the name. although, if you are hanging from a clothesline, it will fan the opposite direction. i'll have to make some examples to show you.

the l in alicia is tilting too much for me. it is not awful, but more than i would like. when teaching, i try to remind people that less in more, subtle is better. beginners tend to put way too much tilt into their letters. they only need to be slightly off. when there is too much tilt, it becomes hard to read. and it also looks more chaotic rather than just playful.

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