Monday, August 9, 2010

keith 2/50

there are several where i just did the names and kathy did the stamps and then nobody did the address. we sent them to him in a box, so they did not go through the mail.

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  1. please note, dear readers, the stamps were selected *after* the art
    to be sure, i...and i am not alone...have a cigar box full of old stamps
    most were purchased at face value from a stamp and coin store...wilma, jean and i spent one great afternoon going through the piles of them and i still have many left.
    someday i will organize them by color or something


    wrt the collaboration, we worked independently so i did not try to match the card to the envelope
    jean gave me some suggestions on coming up with 50 such as a word-a-card or a letter-a-card, and not using folded card stock just single sheet
    once you get rolling more and more ideas are generated
    i really enjoyed myself
    and there was the whole "Keith, you don't know what is coming at you" glee thing jean and i shared