Monday, August 2, 2010

first layer

i actually found a marker that looks like i've never used it, so it is pretty crisp. here are three envelopes at stage one. we need to be sure to spend time on numbers, since they are an essential part of envelopes.

not sure what i will do with these. my first impression of Lejla's is to put her last name in the line under her first name
and her city state in the line under the address.

bree's is my favorite at this point. i like simple and straight forward. from here, it could just be easy to finish. or i could try something new and send it into the oh-no-need-a-brilliant-fix arena

karen's had the idea of coming in with a line off the top
then i thought of exiting off the bottom. this one needs a good idea to save it.
when in doubt, scribble.

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