Saturday, August 28, 2010

keith 11/50

'splain yourself kathy, what's with the upsidedown? and i think i intended for you to do a lot more than just slap a stamp on there. i was thinking you'd fill in the address. but, you did make a card for each one. i already returned these to keith. i should get them back and finish them...
...i must say, i do like your stamp placement very much. collaborative projects are so much fun. we should talk about that cut paper one we did.

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  1. with some of the stamps, i was just trying to find a similar color and, if lucky, i found a similar element with the writing, e.g., keith 8/50 the fence replicated the lines of the letters, 2/50 the slant of the letters with that of the figures and 4/50 the x element of the k
    5/50 jean's lettering somehow gave me the idea of flight...the 'stealth' feathers seemed to repeat the double line created by scroll tip
    6/50...clueless...but i love akim written with a broad edge
    7/50 the lettering has a quiet fell to me and so does the stamp
    as much as i love ogden nash, his stamp was not a good idea

    ok the upside down [etc] placement...then and now,i usually try to reference an element in the lettering, so the loop and shadow of insect wings in 11/50 and the edge of the earth [9/50] were meant to highlight the doubled flourish and the rounded uncial, in order

    ok i did go crazy since jean enlightened me that a stamp could go anywhere and in any orientation...well...unless one lives in my state

    and dear still would be heart stopping for me to add any of my handwriting to jean's

    and so keith received these in a box and his envelopes were adorned with jean's art, hopefully, highlighted by my upside down and sideways stamps