Thursday, November 22, 2012

stacey's clock

i feel like i already posted this, but i looked back in the archives and can't find it. it is a favorite. i did pull out a template to draw those circles. i like how there is no cross-bar on the A. the G is a little droopy. and the stem on the Y (in pennsylvania) is cringeworthy. and the two Ns in pennsylvania are bad....
and i could keep nit-picking...
but, as i keep saying, i am into quantity, not quality.


  1. Jean-Jean-jean! You are a nit picker without cause. If you un-drooped the G you would have had to change the S-- the two N,s would need a change of width in the legs of the A... Etc. etc. etc. If I changed everything that I didn't like in my lettering I would still be on my very first envelope. If at first look (or second) I am pleased with the overall look and concept, I am a happy guy! I love your envelope. Wouldn't it be grand if we were not restricted to such a small given area.

    Singing in The Lifeboat

  2. LOL :-) as far as the area being small....i'm probably better off with a small space. once in a while i do a 9x12 envelope and they freak me out. i 'spose if i did a lot of them, i would get into the groove. thanks for commenting.