Friday, November 23, 2012

jeri - EdGRobinson

when i write the blurb that goes with each scan, i can only see a fairly small image, so, i can't actually figure out what the jack-in-the-box rectangles are that are popping off the top of the J. maybe when this pops open on the 23rd, i will figure it out. it is a very fun idea. stealworthy.

 i made this cake topper for a birthday cake. the ladybugs remind me of the letters flying out of the J above. i used armature wire to bend the name which is very fun. i wish i could figure out a way to use this wire writing on an envelope. maybe stick it on mat board and then put it in a very heavy duty clear plastic envelope.

the cup is not part of the cake topper. the wires will be stuck directly into the cake. if you google *wire cake toppers* you will see lots of fun examples.

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