Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ornament - e&c

this is the second one to e&c where i forgot to put in their last name. i posted a halloween one a few days ago and that one was already mailed. this one, i will add the last name, in green in that white space. i think the bottom of the C would look better if it had the same curl as the bottom of the E. and i botched the bow on the C. and the wavy lines are clunky. i'm struggling to find anything at all that i like about this one. the address is too large. luckily, i have plenty of time to do a better one. i might even see if i can peel the stamp off. plus, it will take 3 stamps to get this to australia....

this was a very early experimant with Tombo markers. i am happy to report that i eventually figured out some styles that i liked. i am ok with showing the clunkers so that you can see the improvement.


  1. I happen to think this is perfect. I LIKE that the E and C are different at the bottom - it would have been overkill if the C had the same curl. The bow on the C looks just fine. As do the waves. And the colour combination is fun and vibrant. You're too hard on yourself. :)


  2. thank you for the positive comment. there are some coming up that i think are improvements....so, to me, i am just being objective about details that are *beginner-level*