Sunday, October 14, 2012

to myself

i enjoy addressing to myself. sometimes i include a SASE when i send invoices to clients. there is probably nothing new with this example. but, i like it, so, i am going to mention once again...i love both mccaffery's and ziller's white ink. john neal,bookseller would be happy to send some to you.

i tried a nikko zebra nib. it's nice. but i am still happy with the nikko G. and this envelope is from paper source which means it is made of paper from the waste not company.

anyone wishing to try white ink and nibs on envelopes would probably find that these three work very well together.

the stamp is only available online
it is not forever
it is 45-cents
good for now
not enough after january 27th-ish
when the rate for 1 ounce goes up a penny.

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